Tank Abrams


Russian ATGM "Kornet" is able to penetrate the armor of the American "Abrams" from a distance of 8 kilometers

The United States recognized the impossibility of protecting its tanks from the Russian Kornet ATGM.

Despite the fact that the US until recently called the M1 Abrams tank the best heavy combat vehicle capable of withstanding modern tanks, it turned out that the Russian Kornet ATGM leaves no chance for this armored vehicle - from a distance of 8 kilometers, the Russian missile system penetrates the armor of the tank and is almost guaranteed to destroy it. This information was shared by experts from the American publication "The National Interest".

A key feature of the Russian Kornet ATGM is the presence of a tandem cumulative unit. This makes it possible to pierce a huge layer of armor.

“The complex was designed with a tandem cumulative warhead. It has an improved design in which the two charges are separated by a rocket engine. This significantly distinguishes the ATGM from its Western counterparts, where the charges are located one after the other. The advantage of the "Cornet" charge design is that the location of the motor allows to increase the focal length of the second charge "- said in the message "The National Interest".

The Russian complex can be compared with the American Javelin ATGM, however, unlike the American analog, the Russian complex is much more effective. In this regard, this ATGM is very popular in other countries.


Look at the ATGM rating and you will be surprised

The Poles bought 250 tanks in vain. Will not help. Hehe ...

They would cover the tanks with nets from Soviet beds, a couple remained at the dacha, I will sell two for the price of one Abrams.

And there is even better called Chrysanthemum

NI is a Russian publication in the USA, they write a lot of nonsense, it's better not to read it at all.