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The Russian radar in Cuba "dropped" two American "stealth"?

One of the possible reasons for the collapse of the F-35 and F-22 off the coast of Florida could be the most powerful Russian radar station, located in Cuba.

The mysterious crash of two fifth-generation American fighters forced experts to claim that the work of the Russian radio-electronic center located in Cuba could have been the culprit. According to unconfirmed reports, during the flight, both the F-35 and the F-22 simply experienced a complex system failure, which could very well be made by the work of one of the most powerful electronic intelligence systems in the world.

“Russia and Cuba have agreed to return to the use of the Russian Federation a radio-electronic center in Lourdes. In the days of the USSR, the facility made it possible to control radio and telephone communications of a "potential adversary." Moscow began negotiations with Havana a few years ago, but sharply intensified them at the beginning of this year. During the visit of the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin to Cuba on the issue of reanimating the project, the point was set for Rechi to restore the presence of Russian personnel at the base on a previous scale. "How much it will cost to restore the center and its equipment is not reported"- Reported formerly Rossiyskaya Gazeta.

Given the fact that the electronic intelligence station still continues to function, with its capabilities, it could well influence the operation of on-board equipment and systems of American combat aircraft that crashed several days off the coast of Florida.

“Do not forget that the operation of the F-35 and F-22 systems is closely related to the work with satellite means. Any interference could well create a malfunction in the equipment of American "stealth", although it is obvious that even if this was indeed the case, then Washington will obviously not admit the vulnerability of its fifth generation fighters ", - the expert marks.

there you need to mount Voronezh to shine through the entire Pindostan.

I remember the end of the 80s of the last century. I lived as a red émigré in Havana. Somehow an Amerovsky intelligence officer SR-71 flew over Cuba. They canceled classes all over the country and took all schoolchildren and students to a protest rally in front of the U.S. representative office in Havana. Together with students also went to a protest and shouted: Yankis but, Cuba si!

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Turn on the brains: “In the days of the USSR, the object allowed to monitor radio and telephone communications of the“ potential adversary. ”To control (receive signals), but not to irradiate!

If only I could hear something new .. It’s a pity that not the Chinese EW guys in uniform worked at this Russian station of the RER! Of course, their planes are chic, trouble-free, and without any problems with electronics and equipment, they themselves couldn’t fail, the same thing wasn’t in any film, how then is this possible? Nonsense .. This is all the Chinese in Cuba at the Russian station, along with Iranian supervisors)

0% probability that Russian specialists acted in this direction. It may be technically and probably, but it has already passed a lot of time to understand that Russia is not crap ... It can bomb!

Well done, boys! Just happy!

What are these conspiracy theories for?
Then the reason was a secret resolution of the State Duma.

Returning to Lourdes is a completely matured and absolutely correct decision! US withdrawal from arms control agreements requires expanding the scope of application of national intelligence equipment.

When the Syrians of Bukami damaged the same couple - the Jews shouted that their super planes crashed into a flock of birds! But one techie, not knowing the official version, posted a photo with a distorted fezulage !!!