Russian missile boat unexpectedly opened fire during the passage of an American ship towards Ukraine

A Russian missile boat opened fire in the vicinity of a US warship.

The Russian missile boat "Shuya" made several missile launches from systems and complexes of various types, which seriously frightened the crew of the American destroyer "Arleigh Burke", since the launches were recorded by the onboard systems of the US Navy ship.

It is known that the incident occurred while an American missile destroyer was following towards the Ukrainian coast through one of the areas in which the Russian missile boat Shuya was located. Only anti-aircraft missiles and volleys were fired from the AK-176 artillery mount, which greatly frightened the crew of the American destroyer, especially against the background of the combat alert raised on board the ship.

Information about missile launches and firing from an artillery mount was also confirmed by representatives of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy, noting, nevertheless, that we are talking about performing combat training missions.

“In the course of the combat training missions, the personnel at the maritime range performed a set of preparatory and then test firing at sea and air targets from the ship's artillery and missile weapons using the standard AK-176 gun mount and the Pantsir-M anti-aircraft missile and artillery complex "- informs the command of the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Navy.

For what purpose the US Navy ship entered the Black Sea is not specified.

All sorts of things go around here, and then the missiles disappear! )

I propose to hold the next exercises in the Hudson Strait.

probably the destroyer would disappear from the radar forever after the answer

Then it would have to prove that there was an American destroyer.

And if an American destroyer had fired out of fright, it would have had to prove that there was a Russian combat boat there!

And what did you miss? Or the wrong grenade system?