Corvette Pavel Derzhavin


Russian missile corvette blocked Ukrainian warships near Odessa for several hours

The Russian missile corvette fulfilled the blockade of Odessa and Chernomorsk.

After a Ukrainian warship and a US Coast Guard ship tried to violate the previously closed zone near the Crimean peninsula by the Russian military, it became known that the Russian fleet showed Ukraine its readiness to use radical measures against the Ukrainian fleet and any other ships that pose a threat to the security of Russian borders. ... Thus, according to the data presented, the Russian missile corvette "Pavel Derzhavin" spent several hours at a distance of only 12 kilometers from the territorial waters of Ukraine near Chernomorsk, thereby fulfilling the blockade of both Chernomorsk itself and Odessa.

“Servicemen of the sea guard of the State Border Service of Ukraine on Wednesday, May 12, discovered the presence of the Russian missile corvette“ Pavel Derzhavin ”near the city of Chernomorsk, Odessa region. Natalya Gumenyuk, head of the press service of the regional department of maritime security of the State Tax Service, told an Ukrinform correspondent about this. "On the morning of May 12, the servicemen of the border post in the Odessa region tracked down the presence of the Russian Black Sea Fleet missile corvette Pavel Derzhavin 19 miles east of the city of Chernomorsk, Odessa region," Gumenyuk noted., - Ukrainian media report.

It is known that a Russian warship was in the area for several hours, after which it headed for the Crimea.

According to a number of sources, the Russian missile corvette could track the American ship "Hamilton", however, according to a number of sources, on May 12, the American warship had already left the area.

Or maybe it's Ukrainian? It’s something without a weapon

If this is him in the photo, then this series without a single rocket on board, except for the cannon, there is nothing there and manned air defense systems and even stingy to put a huge ship without weapons on the sides of the AK-630