Missile cruiser


Russian missile cruiser "Moskva" went across the British aircraft carrier

The Russian missile cruiser Moskva and other ships of the strike group headed across the British aircraft carrier.

The ships of the Russian Navy prepared for a serious meeting between the British aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth and the strike group led by the aircraft carrier. At the moment, NATO ships are moving to the eastern part of the Mediterranean Sea - the alleged deployment area of ​​the AUG and the aircraft carrier Queen Elizaberth, however, two Russian missile cruisers and a missile frigate are already moving to intercept the aircraft carrier strike group.

According to some reports, the British aircraft carrier Queen Elizabeth will arrive in the specified area of ​​the eastern Mediterranean within the next 24-48 hours, and at about the same time Russian warships will also arrive here, which does not exclude the possibility that Russia can demonstrate NATO is its strength if a group of Alliance warships suddenly decides to make serious provocations.

According to official data, the arrival of the Russian missile cruiser Moskva in the Mediterranean is connected with the tests of this combat vessel, which was modernized several months ago, although earlier sources of Avia.pro claimed that against the background of the preparation of the NATO AUG campaign, Russia is ready to send counter these battleships with your missile cruiser.

Not "a lot", but "modest"

Think a lot about yourself!

Show at least one video where, as stated, 4 high-explosive bombs frightened the British.

In vain they provoke. Russia will not be frightened (scared!), Will not retreat (we don’t need someone else’s land, but we will not give up an inch of our own!), And there is something to answer (our armored train is on a side track!).

So you got it? Or cut? Who tore who on the British flag?