Russian "Rezonans-N" will allow you to destroy the Finnish F-35 in a few minutes

Russia will be able to destroy Finnish F-35s in minutes.

Despite the fact that Finland joined NATO and several dozen F-35 fighters will appear on its territory in the near future, it became known that Russia will be able to destroy all fifth-generation stealth fighters that will be raised in a matter of minutes. into the sky. This will be possible thanks to the deployment of the Rezonans-N over-the-horizon radar a few kilometers from the border with Norway. Moreover, if we take into account that the effective range of the radar will be about 600 kilometers, then it will be possible to cover most of the territory of Finland, as well as the northern part of Norway and Sweden.

According to the Eurasian Times, the Rezonans-N over-the-horizon radar is being built near the Zapolyarny settlement, which makes it possible to cover a significant sector of airspace. Moreover, since the Rezonans-N radar is also capable of detecting ballistic missiles at a distance of up to 1200 kilometers, this allows for additional protection against missile threats from NATO and the United States.

“The installation site of the Rezonans-N radar was first announced in 2020. According to the latest data, construction work has been underway since July 2021, as seen in the latest satellite imagery. The facility is located near Zapolyarny, a mining town about 10 km from the Russian border with Norway. The object consists of four radar modules covering 90 degrees and capable of scanning the entire circular area. According to reports, the complex does not have rotating antennas and has a transmitting antenna-feeder, as well as systems for receiving and processing radar information. Once completed, the radar will have sufficient coverage to monitor the skies over Rovaniemi in Finland and Evenes Airport in Norway. These two locations are the current and future bases for the F-35. It is alleged that during the course of hostilities, the radar is capable of simultaneously tracking more than 500 targets, warning in advance of an air attack and informing aviation and air defense systems about the air situation. The system does not have the rotating antennas normally used to provide all-round visibility.", - reports the publication "Eurasian Times".

In fact, Russia will be able to receive information about the rise of F-35 fighters immediately after the latter take off from their bases, which completely deprives these combat aircraft of any advantage.