Russian S-500 rocket accelerates to hypersonic speed - for the first time in the world

During the tests of the S-500 "Prometheus" air defense system, the anti-aircraft guided missile was able to accelerate to hypersonic speed.

Experts who analyzed the video of tests of the newest domestic anti-aircraft missile system S-500 "Prometheus" came to the conclusion that the anti-aircraft guided missile was able to accelerate to hypersonic speed. According to experts, in fact, to date, this is the first time that a missile defense system has been able to accelerate to such a speed, which suggests that the system is designed to combat hypersonic targets.

“It is enough to see a torch of flame several tens of meters long, escaping from the missile engine of a missile defense system, to realize that we are talking about several speeds of sound, and, probably, even about hypersonic speed. This is the best confirmation that we are talking about a missile capable of hitting hypersonic targets and no maneuvers against such a missile will work, regardless of whether the enemy uses standard weapons or ammunition flying along a complex trajectory - at such a speed, the target will not have time to leave from the rocket ", - the expert marks.

To date, there have been no official comments from the Russian defense department regarding the technical capabilities of the S-500 Prometey air defense system. This is probably due to the secrecy of Russian weapons.

So she flew a deduction for 100 km.

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the starting stage has gone out ...

I agree. But the fact remains that Russia is the most shock and strongest country in the world militarily. But the rest is certainly not very good, although if you look from the point of view of other countries, Russia is a developed state. I think why look at the west and their development, their dumb development has nothing alive. I have been to many countries, but I always wanted to return to my place in Kazakhstan. There is nothing better than your country. I don't want to live like in Europe or in the west. We have our own mentality. And we must develop traditions and strive to achieve the well-being of our country not in the form of the West or Europe, but in my mentality, which is inherent in every nation.

And that it went out after a short flight?

Apparently they figured it out on the Mach rings.

If this were nonsense, then the s-400 would not have been sold to Turkey.

Nonsense .. In those tasks is - the defeat of hypersonic targets. It was conceived like that at the design stage .. Otherwise, the RF Ministry of Defense will not adopt it. And this is the only reason for such a long introduction into the troops.

Did they determine the speed by the shape of the flame? There were no more accurate measurement methods?

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