Russian "Shturm-S" with the first hit tore the Ukrainian armored personnel carrier into two parts

A video of the work of the Russian Shturm-S complex on a Ukrainian armored personnel carrier has been published.

During the battles in one of the directions, the Russian military were forced to use the Russian Shturm-S complex against the Ukrainian army. The work of the latter within the framework of the SVO was not actually advertised. However, as it turned out, the latter demonstrated incredible efficiency, literally tearing Ukrainian armored vehicles apart, which turned out to be captured on the video of the use of this complex.

On video footage taken by the Russian military, you can see how the Russian Shturm-S system detects an enemy armored personnel carrier and, after taking the target into sight, launches an anti-tank missile. A few seconds later, the crew of the Ukrainian armored personnel carrier notices a rocket approaching at a speed of about 300 m / s and tries to maneuver away from it. However, after a few more moments, the rocket hits exactly in the center of the armored personnel carrier, making a huge hole in it and tearing the armored vehicle into two parts, as evidenced by the corresponding explosion.

Judging by the flight time of the missile, the latter was able to hit the target already at the end - the Ukrainian crew did not have enough seconds to get away from the missile. However, striking from a distance of about 5 kilometers provided the Russian military with a rather serious advantage - the latter did not give out the location of the complex, excluding a strike on it.


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