Russian ally may be involved in the supply of MLRS M142 Himars to Ukraine

One of Russia's key allies is involved in arms supplies to Ukraine.

The United Arab Emirates, which is perhaps the key Russian ally in the Middle East, was involved in the supply of the M142 Himars MLRS to Ukraine. To date, it is known that in addition to the United States, deliveries are organized by Romania and the United Arab Emirates. This is also confirmed in the United States, noting that in total we are talking about the transfer of 12 launchers to Ukraine, 2 of which are still on the way.

“We are not the only ones supplying multiple launch rocket systems. In addition to the HIMARS provided to Ukraine by the United States, the number of which will reach 20, there are still ten from the allies, and two more from the allies are on their way (to Ukraine)", - Laura Cooper, deputy assistant to the head of the Pentagon, said at a briefing for journalists.

To date, Himars M142 installations are available in countries such as the United States, Romania, Singapore, Jordan, however, the UAE is the largest owner of such systems. It is noteworthy that, judging by the data of the Flightradar 24 resource, several flights to Europe were indeed made from the UAE, including by military aircraft. This may indicate that one of the largest owners of the M142 systems, Himars, other than the United States, is indeed transferring them to Ukraine.

The second supplier of these systems is Romania, which may have very serious consequences for the latter.


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