Russian special aircraft Tu-204 spotted on its way to Afghanistan

Russian special aircraft spotted en route to Afghanistan.

After the President of Afghanistan announced his intention to leave the post of leader of the country, actually surrendering Kabul to the Taliban, it became known that a special aircraft Tu-204 SLO "Russia" was sent from Russia to Afghanistan, which is expected to evacuate Russian representatives and diplomats from that country.

“In the direction of Afghanistan, there is a board of the Russian SLA - Tu-204. Apparently the export of the diplomatic mission ", - reports "Telegram" -channel "Military informant", publishing the corresponding flight route of the Russian special board.

Earlier, the Russian side stated that it had no intentions to evacuate its diplomatic corps from Afghanistan, stressing that the Taliban would not be able to take the capital of Afghanistan. Given the current situation, even if Kabul is seized by force, it will take only two days, since the Afghan army is completely demoralized, and NATO forces pose a minimal threat to the Taliban.

By the current hour, it is known that the superior forces of the Taliban are only two kilometers from Kabul, while hundreds of jihadists are already operating on the territory of the Afghan capital itself.

At the moment, there are no official comments on this from the Russian Foreign Ministry.

In addition to the diplomatic corps, there are many other Russians in Afghanistan, and therefore, undoubtedly, they should be immediately evacuated. Boris Petrovich

It only shows that there are absolutely no adequate analysts in the Kremlin. Everyone was trampled. There were only Nightingale rattles and illiterate Naryshkins, imagining themselves .. counts :)

I believe that Russia needs to evacuate the diplomatic mission. There is no need to interfere in the internal affairs of Afghanistan. Let everything settle down there. It will be visible there.

We need to take it out. For the Taliban, all infidels are alike. And memory in the East is long, for 40 years no one has forgotten anything.

We decided to support our colleagues from the USA.



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