Russian patrol ships intercepted American and Ukrainian warships off the coast of Crimea

Ukraine has accused a Russian patrol ship of intercepting US warships.

The Ukrainian Border Guard Service accused the Russian military of intercepting American and Ukrainian warships during a training exercise off the coast of Crimea. As follows from the statement of the Ukrainian border service, the insolent behavior of the Russian military interfered with the conduct of the exercises.

According to the Ukrainian Border Service, this is not the first time such an incident has been observed, and, apparently, the key reason for the opposition of Russian warships was the violation of the closed zones of the sea space, which the Russian side had previously notified of.

“Yesterday at dawn, at a distance of more than 100 nautical miles from Odessa, in the exclusive (maritime) economic zone of Ukraine, the flagship of the Coast Guard of the State Border Service met the US Coast Guard ship Hamilton. According to the plan of joint exercises, the ships of the border departments of the United States and Ukraine, during the passage by sea, worked out the coherence of actions in the international tactical group. According to the established tradition, the actions of the partners were closely monitored and accompanied by their presence on the ships of the Russian Federation. This time, two border patrol ships of the BO PS of the FSB of the Russian Federation of the Okhotnik project went on the "hunt", another ship of the Russian Black Sea Fleet circled a little distantly, but rather obsessively. The ships either announced the fictitious coordinates of the closed areas, demanding to leave them, then they maneuvered dangerously and tried to artificially narrow the area of ​​maneuver for the Ukrainian and American ships. Did not respond to calls for communication through the channels of international maritime security. A daring violation of the norms of international maritime law has been carefully recorded and documented by Ukrainian border guards ", - reports the State Border Guard Service of Ukraine.

So far, there are no official comments on this from the Russian departments, however, analysts note that the appearance of Russian warships is obviously due to the provocative actions of Ukraine and the US Coast Guard ship near the Crimean coast.

Despite the statements of the Ukrainian side that the fact of "aggression" was documented, the State Border Service of Ukraine did not provide any evidence.