Russian patrol ship humiliates two NATO frigates in the Black Sea

The Russian warship alone dealt with two NATO frigates in the Black Sea.

Two NATO missile frigates, which tried to enter the waters of the Black Sea without warning, were stunned when a Russian warship had already met them at the entrance to the Black Sea. Russia did not engage several warships and limited itself to only one watchful ship, “Inquisitive,” which, nevertheless, forced the crews of the frigates of Italy and Canada to keep as far as possible.

Experts note that it is especially offensive to NATO that Russia did not bother sending a whole fleet, but limited itself to just one patrol ship, which, given its capabilities, could very well deal with the alliance’s warships.

““ Various forces and reconnaissance facilities of the Black Sea Fleet are involved in tracking NATO ships. The security ship “Curious” directly controls NATO’s warships, ”the source said. Missile frigates Virginio Fasan of the Italian Navy and Fredericton of the Canadian Navy entered the Black Sea on Monday. The Russian National Defense Control Center said the forces and capabilities of the Black Sea Fleet are tracking the movement of two NATO frigates, - cite media data.

A little earlier information appeared that a Su-27 fighter that crashed several hours ago could track NATO ships, but these data have not yet been confirmed.

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what do you think, and they will let our calmly walk in the inland seas or will call on all the power of their fleet

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Turks beat our planes, Italians beat.
Probably by agreement, otherwise why send one plane and a ship.

clearly duplicated the interception of NATO ships paired with SU 27, but could not catch his own in the fall of that. and the moral of this fable is this: let them swim, they don’t bother us, we them