PAK DA Russian strategic bomber to fly in 2024

The Russian strategic bomber "Messenger" will fly until 2024 year.

The newest promising Russian strategic bomber PAK DA, which, according to a number of sources, has received the name “Messenger”, will make its first flight in the next four years. As follows from the data provided by the State procurement website, serial production of the Russian strategic bomber “Messenger” will be launched between the 2024 and 2027 years, which suggests that the creation of the first prototype is already close to completion.

As follows from the state contract No.1727187323191452208001130 / 459-18Н regarding the component part of the design and development work on the code “Messenger-1РП-МС”, the approval of the working design documentation and the start of preparation of the project for serial production is scheduled for 2024-2027 of the year, while it is obvious the fact that by this period the prototype will have to make at least one flight.

According to other sources, the Russian strategic bomber of the PAK DA project will have stealth technology, and is expected to become supersonic, although no official comments have been made on this subject.