Chasing a ship


Russian Su-24 worked out a strike on NATO ships in the Baltic Sea

The Russian bomber has worked out strikes against a large group of NATO ships in the Baltic Sea.

The military exercises of NATO countries in the Baltic Sea did not go unnoticed by the Russian military, and due to the provocative actions of the Alliance warships near Russian territorial waters, the command of the Russian Aerospace Forces decided to send their bombers to the area of ​​NATO military exercises, in particular, we are talking about Su -24, which successfully worked out lightning attacks against several ships of the North Atlantic bloc.

In the video footage presented, you can see how a group of Russian front-line Su-24 bombers literally burst into the area of ​​the military exercises "Baltops 2021", moreover, the swift attack of Russian front-line bombers did not meet any resistance from NATO aviation.

In the video footage presented, you can see that Russian bombers are swiftly sweeping alongside NATO ships - judging by the flight altitude, this is how it was possible to bypass the radars of the Alliance air defense systems, remaining unnoticed until they entered the area of ​​the conducted exercises.

Does Russia still have planes that fly?

this is such a response to the Crimea, in a real war these ships would have been destroyed, but the fact that this took place in the Baltic suggests that Russia is ready to EXPAND the TVD to both the Baltic and England by default.

Near Cape Fiolent, the British destroyer sailed in horror into neutral waters after dropping 24 bombs on the ship's course.
There is no shame there, like at the parade dedicated to the Ukrainian Navy, when the Ukrainian ship began to sink in front of the audience.

The price of these "blows" manifested itself in the Crimea ..... disgraced.