The Russian Su-24 flew at space speed a few meters above the Crimean beach. Video

Fantastic low-level flight of the Russian Su-24 over the Crimean beach full of people. Has caused indescribable delight.

The crew of the Russian front-line bomber Su-24M pleasantly pleased the residents of Crimea, flying over the crowded beach of the peninsula at a height of only a few meters, which has already been called a delightful and unparalleled spectacle. In addition to the citizens of the Crimean peninsula, the video also delighted the Network, where the highest professionalism of the crew and the reaction of the vacationers themselves were noted, who not only were not afraid of the combat aircraft flying on them, but also greeted him with joyful exclamations.

In the video footage presented, you can see how the Russian front-line bomber Su-24M, having entered a straight line, purposefully flies straight towards the beach with thousands of resting citizens. Passing at an incredibly high speed, which many have already called space, the plane subsequently soars into the sky to the enthusiastic cries of citizens.

Foreign netizens also commented favorably on this incredible event:

“Russians know how to have fun. It is not necessary to indicate that this happened in Russia - this is clear from the context "

“The Russians are really fearless! A multi-ton car flying at great speed is heading straight for the resting people, however, those who are on the beach are completely fearless "

“This is incredible! The skill of Russian pilots is on top. I wish I was there! "

In connection with what exactly such a flight of a Russian front-line bomber over the Crimean beach is connected, it is not known.

Apparently in Saki, the airfield with Nitka was restored ...

hooliganism? -you listened to the broadcast? safety? what is the difference will fall from 1000 or 100 meters, military or civilian. skill? with modern equipment, they fly much lower around the terrain ...

I was there too, it was a cool show !!!

This is Novofedorovka in Masks there is no airfield

Well, probably cool ... And then I only have a helicopter training regiment, but poplars with Iskander once a week block the roads ... Tosca ...

In Ukraine, in Sknylev (in my opinion), the pilots, on a similar machine, also wanted
"To make an impression" ... The result is deplorable ...

In Coastal (Saki) Su27, flying over the beach, they swung their wings ... And many saw it ... Damn nice ... HELLO WINGED !!!

For us, Crimeans are commonplace. Glory to the Air Force!

It's funny! What for? Unclear. The public reaction is complete confidence. It costs a lot.

There are no super-low heights, small and extremely low heights. If this was not in the flight mission, the "maestro" will be punished for such tricks)

2020, but I probably will never wait for an amateur video to be at least in hd quality


In 2016, I saw enough of these shows. Between Saki and Yevpatoria there is a long beach, and closer to Saki we settled in a tent. And in Saki there is a military airfield and the take-off was very close, which I just did not see enough there. Show every day. Mostly Su-24 and Su-30M. On the very first day, the Su-30M flew over the edge of the beach, I even considered the pilot, it was cool!

Chkalov also did this, this is an expert in his field, well, we have such handsome men; True, Chkalov was also punished. But in general, I always go to MAKS, an amazing sight to tears of pride for our guys. I think we swim near the shore, and they swim in Heaven, but of course he will be punished

Apparently, this is the training of flights at low and ultra-low altitudes. I have seen this repeatedly, an impressive sight.

People like you will surely be punished (but I hope that SHOIGU drove them all out). Disabled exam, read about CHKALOV, unless of course he learned to read.

Believe me, he will be rewarded)
But amerovskie democratic warriors for some reason not so enthusiastically meet such flights ...

Is this skill? No security, complete irresponsibility. Pure hooliganism, believe me, he will be punished