Russian Su-24 destroyed a camp of trained militants with half-ton bombs

The Russian Su-24 defeated a base of trained militants preparing to be sent to Karabakh.

The Russian front-line bomber Su-24, with just a blow of two air bombs, destroyed the largest training camp for jihadists for their subsequent dispatch to Karabakh. During the airstrike, the jihadists were at the training ground, and just a few seconds later they suffered crushing losses - 140 militants were eliminated, and another 70 were injured of various degrees of severity.

According to the source, the blow was struck with only two bombs, and, as before, the Russian combat aircraft acted on a tip from the local residents, who transmitted information to the command of the Russian Aerospace Forces in Syria to eliminate the jihadist training camp.

Taking into account the current strike, only from the beginning of the month, under the attacks of the Russian Aerospace Forces, pro-Turkish militants suffered losses of up to 700 people, which is very significant, especially since the jihadists withdrew from the front sections specifically to prepare for further dispatch to Karabakh.

Remarkable is the fact that this is not the first time that the Russian Aerospace Forces use only one combat aircraft to deliver strikes, which indicates the formidability of even one combat vehicle when performing targeted strikes.