Su-24 Donald Cook


Russian Su-24 has again disabled the American destroyer "Donald Cook"

The last incident for the crew of the American destroyer Donald Cook was not in vain.

A few weeks earlier, the information and news agency had already told us thatWhen the American military destroyer Donald Cook arrived in the Mediterranean, he was met by two Russian planes, in particular, he is talking about a Su-24 fighter and bomber. According to the initial data, the plane only approached the American warship, however, according to the information appeared on the network, the crew of the Russian Su-24 had a powerful electronic impact on the destroyer's systems, and the ship's systems were turned off.

As follows from the information provided, the US military destroyer once again failed to test before the Russian military security services, in fact, having lost its military potential without a single shot, and this is far from being the first time when Su-24 planes frighten the crew of a warship that independent analysts have already called "the habit of Russians."

Neither the US Navy command nor the Pentagon (US Department of Defense) commented on the data that appeared, apparently fearing possible ridicule, since even earlier in The National Interest, one of the admirals made a statement that Russian Su-24 aircraft are not the American navy is no threat.

It should be clarified that the Russian Su-24 bombers have a powerful electronic warfare system, which, as the experience of the American destroyer Donald Cook has shown, is very effective.

It is necessary to clarify that the first time that Russian Su-24 bombers flew over the American military destroyer Donald Cook, the greater part of the ship's crew decided to leave the service, as they experienced a serious shock.

* Su-24 is a Soviet and Russian tactical front-line bomber with a variable sweep wing designed to inflict rocket and bomb strikes in simple and difficult weather conditions, day and night, including at low altitudes, with targeted damage to ground and surface targets.

** URO "Donald Cook" - destroyer of URO type "Arly Burke". Built in the shipyard Bath Iron Works. Attached to the 60 squadron of the US Naval Forces Command.