Su-24 bombers


The Russian Su-24M dropped two 250 kg a kilometer from the NATO ship. aerial bombs

The Russian front-line bomber Su-24M dropped two 250-kilogram bombs along the course of the British ship.

In response to the provocative invasion of NATO warship armed with cruise missiles, bomber videoconferencing Russian Su-24M threw a distance of only one kilometer from the two destroyers, bombs, each of which had a weight of 250 kilograms.

The actions of the Russian military were so convincing that the British crew was given the command to wear special clothing that protects against fire and explosions, and, apparently, despite the fact that the explosions occurred within a kilometer from the ship "Defender", the blast took up the destroyer , although it did not cause him any harm.

UK earlier categorically denied statements by Russian military's bombing of preventive strikes against its missile destroyer, however, the Russian military confirmed the bombing of the area to the British warship.

"When the rate of the British bomb went there tolerance is not particularly smell. Our Su-24M performed preventive bombing bombs caliber 250 kg at the rate of movement of the destroyer at a distance from the vehicle is less than 1 km. For foreign crew this was no good. If you remember, have their shooting when they played combat anxiety and wearing life jackets. Because they understood what might happen next. The fact that the ship that led the initial observation of an Englishman, much less displacement, so no Nabal would not work, in contrast to the famous "- said the Chief of the military-political management of the Armed Forces, Colonel-General Andrei Kartapolov.

At the same time, the Russian side has also not released footage of bombing by British warships, although this survey was conducted from the moment of the drone and other military aircraft, which is obviously also caused some concerns in such statements the Russian Defense Ministry.

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