The Su-25


Russian Su-25 crashed due to factory marriage

The Su-25 attack aircraft crashed due to factory defects.

The crash involving the Russian attack aircraft Su-25UB in the Stavropol Territory occurred due to factory defects. The fault was completely removed from the pilots, however, it remains unknown how, while undergoing maintenance, the marriage was never discovered, especially since immediately after the plane crash, the plane was fully operational.

“They established the cause of the accident, this is a factory defect on the wing, this is not the pilot’s mistake”- RIA Novosti reports referring to its own source.

Moreover, the fact that the pilots, realizing the malfunction of the military machine and the impossibility of saving it, has not yet been catapulted, which does not exclude the version of the fact that the plane had altogether defective ejection systems, is still unknown.

“This tragedy still raises more questions than it answers. Why did the military department announce the bailout of the pilots when the plane went to the ground almost 3 meters? This is either complete incompetence, or an attempt to hide something. ”, - the expert notes.

It must be clarified that a few hours before the crash, the head of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation, Sergei Shoigu, harshly criticized Russian combat training aircraft because of a decrease in the share of serviceable aircraft.

“We will consider serviceability of training aircraft at a separate meeting, for which I ask you to prepare. There are questions to the air forces, and to the state defense order, and to other bodies of military command. Having a system of such control, such opportunities as it was generally possible to allow a decrease in the share of serviceable training aircraft? ”, - he said.

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