Russian Su-25 withstood the hit of two anti-aircraft missiles

The Russian Su-25 attack aircraft withstood the hit of two anti-aircraft missiles at once.

The Russian Su-25 attack aircraft was able to establish itself as one of the most tenacious combat aircraft in the entire history of world aviation. So, according to the Russian lieutenant general of the Russian air forces Sergey Kobylash, the plane literally turned into a sieve, however, it nevertheless withstood two powerful attacks of the enemy at once.

“After the first flight, I returned, got the next task and again advanced to the plane. My deputy comes up and says: “Comrade commander, it’s already very hot there. This number is obtained on 08.08.2008 and there are exactly 88 holes on the plane from various enemy weapons. ” My radio follower told me: “Comrade Commander, there’s a start for you.” After that - a strong blow. I realized that hitting a rocket, the plane pulled into a dive, and he went to the ground. I pull the handle onto myself, and he just goes to the ground and that’s it. Probably, I really wanted to live, I rested my feet on the pedals and pulled the handle with two hands - somewhere, apparently the splinter hit, jumped out from the effort, and the plane smoothly first into horizontal flight on one engine, then smoothly went into a set ”- said Lieutenant General of the Russian Aerospace Forces.

However, after another time, a second rocket hit the attack aircraft, resulting in a failure of the second engine, but the aircraft was still in flight, although it quickly began to lose altitude due to missing thrust. Due to the fact that the city was in close proximity, the pilot had to remain at the helm until the very end, and only after the danger to the civilian population had passed, Sergei Kobylash left the plane.

In fact, the Russian combat vehicle has demonstrated incredible survivability, even despite the fact that it is already more than a dozen years old.