Russian Su-27 nearly shot down an American plane trying to enter Crimea's airspace

An American plane attempted to violate Russian airspace over Crimea.

A few hours ago, an American military reconnaissance aircraft attempted to invade Russian airspace, similar to how two American warships did in the waters of the Baltic and Sea of ​​Japan. Nevertheless, the Russian fighter not only thwarted the attempted violation, but also drove an American military reconnaissance aircraft several tens of kilometers, disrupting the latter not only a special operation off the coast of Crimea, but also demonstrating its readiness to act extremely harshly if required.

“Today, at about 14.00 Moscow time, a duty fighter of the air defense forces of the Black Sea Fleet / Southern Military District at a distance of about 47 miles from the coastline (the figure shows an approximate" date "point) performed additional identification and escort procedures for the American RC-135W aircraft reconnaissance aircraft carrying out its secret mission at the shores of the Crimea and the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus ", - the Russian "Telegram" -channel "Operative Line" informs about it.

According to some information that the editorial staff of the news agency managed to find out, the Su-27 fighter "distinguished itself" in the interception of an American military aircraft, moreover, the reason was an attempt by an American aircraft to invade Russian airspace - the pursuit of the American aircraft lasted several minutes until the latter finally did not indicate the cancellation of his mission near the Russian borders.

Shaiga and Putin sold the country, how can they punish the plane and the amersky ship. ??

It's time to shoot them down, let them rage afterwards, all the same they will not do anything in return.

If he had violated, he would have to be forced to land and dismantled to the last screw ... as they dismantled the moment-25 hijacked to Japan.