Russian Su-27 frightened the B-52 crew over the Black Sea with a very dangerous maneuver and got on video

A video appeared on the Web of how the Russian Su-27 frightened the crew of an American strategic bomber.

Another video appeared on the Web, which captured a dangerous maneuver of the Russian Su-27 fighter a few meters from the American B-52 strategic bomber, which approached the Russian borders, but filmed from a different angle - by the pilot of another Russian fighter, located several tens of meters to the left ...

Judging by the data released by the user of "TikTok", we are talking about the maneuver of a Russian fighter, and the video clearly demonstrates that the Russian pilots did not stand on ceremony with the bomber, and made such a risky departure to the side in front of the very nose of the bomber so that the crew had to maneuver , which also hit the video.

Earlier, the American military command accused the Russian military of performing such dangerous maneuvers near an American combat aircraft, and, judging by the footage presented, the bomber crew was really very scared and even lost control of the B-52 at some point.

Nevertheless, data appeared on the Web that the presented video may have elements of editing and computer graphics, however, at the same time, there is reliable evidence that such a case really took place, and the video presented is for informational purposes only.