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Russian Su-30 intercepted American F-18 over Syria

A Russian fighter jet intercepted an American F-18 in the skies over Syria.

The unpunished flights of American fighters over the areas of Syria under the control of the Syrian and Russian military were interrupted by the unexpected appearance of the Su-30SM fighter of the Russian Aerospace Forces, which was able to fly up to the American F-18 fighter unnoticed and force it to leave the region of the Arab republic controlled by the Syrian military.

In the above image, you can see the process of intercepting an American combat aircraft in the eastern part of the Arab Republic, forcing a US Air Force fighter to leave the area of ​​Syrian airspace. The Russian fighter operated unimpeded in the area of ​​the American military base at Al-Tanf.

Experts draw attention to the fact that the distance between the fighters of the Russian Aerospace Forces and the US Air Force is minimal, which indicates that the F-18 fighter was forced to leave the area in which it previously flew.

Any circumstances of this have not yet been commented on by the Russian defense department, however, over the past few months, tensions between Russia and the United States in Syria have increased significantly.

"Any circumstances of this have not yet been commented on by the Russian defense department."

One circumstance is that the US bases and military units of this country are illegally located in Syria.

Tomket is F-14, and F-18 is Hornet

SU-30 and Tomket, these are different weight, performance characteristics and weapons. Sukhoi and 2-3 F-18s will lead to a heart attack, its armament is equal to 3 such buggies, the speed is 20% higher, the mass is 1.5 times greater. He, even if he just pounces on top without shooting, will crush this booger in the air. It's like comparing the BMW X-7 to the Lada West.

Previously, interception was considered the destruction of an enemy aircraft, but now just catching up))