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Russian Su-30SM flew two meters from NATO F-35 fighter

The fighter of the Russian Aerospace Forces flew just two meters from the NATO F-35.

A unique video appeared on the Web, which clearly shows how the Su-30SM fighter of the Russian Aerospace Forces was able to approach the F-35 fighter of the Italian Air Force at a distance of only two meters, demonstrating that it has a clear superiority over the fifth generation fighter. In fact, to date, this is the closest flight of a Russian combat vehicle next to an F-35 fighter, but experts drew attention to the fact that the NATO pilot is clearly nervous, obviously expecting any serious problems from the Russian pilot.

In this video, published by the popular blogger "Fighterbomber", you can see how the Russian Su-30SM smoothly approaches the Italian F-35 and approaches it, almost hitting the wing of a NATO combat aircraft. In the last moments of rapprochement, one can see that the F-35 pilot is trying to slowly withdraw the fighter from the Russian Su-30SM, intending to avoid possible further actions of the Russian pilot and not provoking him into any aggressive actions.

According to some reports, the F-35 fighter was taken for escort by a group of Russian Su-30SM and Su-35S fighters due to the approach to the country's borders, while any serious incident was avoided.

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