Russian Su-34 received critical damage. A photo

The Russian Su-34 received tremendous damage.

The Russian Su-34 fighter-bomber, after a collision in the sky over Lipetsk with another fighter-bomber, received enormous damage to the wing - according to experts, the fact that a combat aircraft was able to successfully land at a military airport is a miracle.

In the photograph presented by the Telegram channel Gallifrey Technologies, you can see that the wing of the combat aircraft was seriously damaged, and the Khibiny-U electronic warfare system was destroyed.

It is noteworthy that the photos of the second aircraft, which also received damage, were never published, which raises a number of questions regarding how critically another fighter was damaged.

Earlier it became known that the blame for the incident in the air was blamed on the pilots, while, as previously reported, it was the crews who had to reimburse the cost of repairing combat aircraft, although earlier it was reported that the training flight was carried out in adverse weather conditions.

What to say, I would like to see how you would implement a similar auto warning system on a combat vehicle! ))) when the approach speed at the opposite courses is on average up to 1000 km / h, or even more, it is approximately 16 km / min, in such a situation it is even difficult to understand something! )))

Volodya, you look like a woman ... for sure - you are a housewife!
Poor software on the plane is a fact ... well, count up, there are no roads in space at all and the ISS crashes to the ground all the time!
and they are airplanes ... they have radars and poor software - that’s what they are fighting ...

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the atmosphere in general tends to flutter ... and any software and max with tesla will not help here ...
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Shame on you! Yes, everyone should be punished for a collision. There are no questions. But to restore equipment at the expense of the pilots, this is nonsense! Well, what can you take from these poor fellows. And the fact that such a situation arose was, first of all, the army itself was to blame. Should pay more attention to the training of flight personnel. A similar accident still suggests that not everything is safe with the software on the plane. Programs are already being installed on cars to prevent collisions. And here is such a technique and such punctures ....

Interestingly, do pilots also pay for fuel?

Why did the bureaucrat Serdyukov and his accomplice Vasiliev not compensate the damage of Moscow Region for the sold property? And then the officers must pay for the repair of equipment. Again, with the new leadership, the next round of idiocy begins?