The Russian Su-35 is being modernized taking into account the experience of use in special operations

The Su-35S multi-role fighter, one of the most advanced in its class, will be modernized taking into account the experience gained during a special military operation. This was announced by Alexander Pekarsh, director of the Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aviation Plant named after Yu. A. Gagarin.

According to Pekarsh, based on the experience of combat use of the Su-35S during a special operation, active work is underway to improve it. The main emphasis of modernization will be on accelerating the resolution of technical issues that previously required significant time. Pekarsh emphasized that thanks to rapid adaptation to current conditions, the Su-35S continues to be the best in its class.

The Su-35 is a Russian multi-role super-maneuverable fighter of the 4++ generation, equipped with thrust vector control (TCV) engines. Generation 4++ indicates that the fighter has characteristics close to fifth-generation fighters, but with the exception of low-observability technology.

Today, the Su-35S is one of the main fighter aircraft used in the special operation zone.


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