Russian Su-35 drove an American F-22 in the sky

A possible mid-air collision of the Russian Su-35 with the American F-22 is reported.

Information resources report that an incident could have taken place between the Russian Su-35 fighter and the American F-22, in which the Russian combat aircraft emerged victorious, since it was able to go into the tail of the American combat aircraft several times, thereby demonstrating its readiness to attack. Information on this matter appeared in the media in Vietnam and the PRC, where it is argued that it was after this that the United States introduced repression against the Su-35.

“Countries such as Turkey, Iran and Indonesia have already informed Russia of their intention to buy a Su-35 fighter. Washington immediately alerted these countries. The US also claims that American and European weapons are performing better. However, according to Chinese experts, it will not be easy for the United States to end the trade in Russian Su-35 fighters, as many countries are likely to ignore Washington's threats. In the context of real tests in Syria, it is shown that the detection system of the Su-35 fighter is capable of capturing an F-22 fighter in sight. Most likely, for this reason, the United States wants to prevent the sale of Russian Su-35 fighters. The Pentagon is concerned that the Russian fighter's capability poses a serious threat to the F-22. Earlier, Turkey and India also ignored US threats and sanctions, buying Russian S-400 air defense systems "- сообщает DatViet edition.

Apparently, we are talking about Syria, where both Russian Su-35 and American F-22s were spotted, however, the source of this information did not provide any extensive information, although it is clear that the pilot of the American F-22 could not have known that it is under the gun of the Russian Su-35.

You will decide what kind of plane he drove.

Any tank can be easily destroyed from above,
into the engine compartment, into the ammunition area. For 30 km or more. Why pierce a meter or 1.5 meter frontal armor when there are many weak points, it's stupidity

Aftor, you still decide: F-35 or F-22! ??