Russian Su-35 lost for the first time in a training battle to the French fighter Rafale

The Su-35 fighter was unable to win a training battle against the Rafale fighter.

Despite the fact that today the Su-35 fighter is the most maneuverable combat aircraft and possesses powerful means of electronic suppression, it became known that in a training battle against the Rafale fighter the Russian combat aircraft could not justify the hopes placed on it, outright losing fighter made in France.

According to the data available to the news agency, during the training battle, the Russian fighter could not oppose anything to the French combat aircraft, since the latter turned out to be more maneuverable and was able to take in the sight of the Su-35 fighter and conditionally destroy it. A similar test was staged by the Egyptian Air Force, who wished to test the capabilities of each of the combat aircraft. The failure of the Russian fighter now raises a lot of questions regarding its real flight technical and combat capabilities.

Remarkable is the fact that initially the Russian Su-35 played the role of an "aggressor" attacking a French fighter, but quite unexpectedly he himself became a "victim".

Egyptian military analysts note that in the future, the loss of a Russian combat aircraft may affect the acquisition of Russian fighters, as Egypt considered the possibility of buying both Russian Su-35 and French Rafale in the future.

Do not like when you are caught on FAKES!

An ordinary reprint of Polish FEYKA!

Where did the Su35-35 get the helm?

Alexander Yudin. and there is. As you know, the SU-37 OLS-35 has many interesting functions. ))

Optical locating station OLS-35, combining a heat direction finder, a laser rangefinder-target designator and a television channel.
The detection range of an air target with a heat direction finder in the front hemisphere is at least 50 km, in the rear - at least 90 km. The laser rangefinder measures the distance to an air target in a range of up to 20 km.
"Rafal" would have been hit in real combat.

Egypt seems to have bought 5 SU 35, so the media write and also write that on July 23, 2021 they were refueling in Novosibirsk and could not participate in a training "air battle"

The Su-35 has an OLS - Optical - Locating Station. About 20 years ago, the Indians on the Indian Su-30MKI with the help of an OLS outright beat the much-vaunted F-15 in the USA at the Red Flags exercises. The info on Avia Pro requires further clarification. Only Kit, as a foreign partner, has the Su-35 officially. Su-35 deliveries to Egypt are not confirmed by the RF Ministry of Defense. Although some publications write that Egypt already has 5 Su-35 units. This is Egypt, and therefore a disinformation attack by Israel's Zionists is possible, aimed at disorienting Egypt in the purchase of weapons. After all, at Dassault Rafale, the top management is made up of Zionists. And Israel is eminently interested in Egypt buying Raphali. If, at the request of Egypt, the exercises were held, then who was at the helm of the Su-35 and Dassault Rafale? The information appeared in the Indian edition. India is extremely concerned about Chinese Su-35s. Either India wants to intimidate China so that it does not go to them on the Su-35, or India, with similar stuffing, knocks down the price of the Su-35, which will perfectly complement the Indian Su-30MKI.

2 question.
Who was at the helm of the drying, and where did they come from, because the su 35 are in service only in Russia and China.

In general, yes, where did Egypt get the Su-35 from? It smacks of misinformation.

Believing the Arabs is not practical, they just knock down the price, this is their usual tactic.

Neither India nor Egypt has a Su-35 ..

I haven't bought it yet, but plans, like Malaysia ... So far, only the Russian Federation and China have the Su-35, China is happy!

Egypt does not have them from the word ALL.

Are you talking about Rafale (from the last century)? I agree, the first flight for Rafale (generation 4) - July 4, 1986, for the Su-35 (generation 4 ++) - February 19, 2008 ...

Oh, these inventors from .... Can you explain to begin with, where did the Egyptian Air Force get the Su-35 for a training battle? The only operators in the world, at the moment, of this aircraft are the Russian Federation and China, Malaysia and India are just planning to buy it! And how can a Rafale be more maneuverable than the Su-35, which has an all-aspect controlled thrust vector?

1. Super-maneuverability works only at airshows at speeds less than 500 km / h, and helps in reality only by protecting from stalling into an uncontrollable spin in fact.
"Photos of the first Su-35 aircraft for Egypt

According to the bmpd portal, spotter photographs of the first five Su-22 fighters built for Egypt at the Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aviation Plant (KnAAZ) named after Yu.A. Gagarin - a branch of PJSC "Company" Sukhoi "(as part of PJSC" UAC "of the State Corporation Rostec)."

The Su-35 may definitely be bought, but Rafali has already been bought and is being operated)))))

Found something to compare - a rusty trough from the last century with an excellent French fighter

Arabs stupidly knock down the price. will buy something uniquely su-35

In 2018, Cairo signed a protocol of intent to buy the Su-35. Maybe they started to supply, I don't know. OVT should not be overestimated, it operates at the minimum speed, and at transonic speed, the PGO and the low specific load on the wing at Rafal make a greater contribution to maneuverability. The rate of climb is also higher and the avionics are better.

Where did Egypt get the Su-35?

what nonsense? The question arises not in the quality of technology, but in the quality of pilot training. And why then no one wants to carry out any battles with Russian pilots? The SU-35 is definitely better than Raphael and everything else can be compared only with those who have mastered the technique.

I have two questions.
1. Where did the Egyptians get the SU-35.
2. Raphal does not have DOVT, so there is no over-maneuverability. The conclusion is all a lie.

If someone needs it and the corn-grower will win, what's the problem?

And let us, accompanied by Krasuha and Raphael, try?
Will the result be disastrous right away?

India seems to have already bought Rafali and is happy?

deliberately succumbed to a bribe from the French?

Well, yes, well, yes, put our pilot down then we'll see

A few days earlier, exactly the same news sounded, though it was about India))

That's how they knock down the price tag! If you don't want the SU-35, buy the Rafale. The French, your cooler, to raise the price tag higher, it's just business. Egyptians, watch out for Rafal. Mistrals are, we need and Rafali.