Russian Su-35 caught fire 20 minutes after takeoff

The Su-35S fighter of the Russian Aerospace Forces caught fire 20 minutes after takeoff.

The information and news agency obtained information that the Russian Su-35S combat aircraft, which crashed less than a day ago, caught fire approximately 20 minutes after taking off from the Dzemgi airbase. The incident took place near the village of Smirnykh. The reasons for the ignition of the tail section of the combat aircraft are still unknown.

As the source notes, the initial information that the Su-35S fighter had an engine failure immediately raised doubts, since we are talking about a heavy fighter and in the event of problems with one of the engines, the combat aircraft could well continue to fly on the second. Nevertheless, it is obvious that the fighter caught fire precisely because of the failure of one of the power plants.

It is known that the pilot reported a fire in the tail section of the fighter and received permission to eject, however, there are no other details on this score.

A little earlier it became known that a Su-35 fighter also crashed in China. According to eyewitness reports, the combat aircraft was engulfed in flames during the flight, but the PRC authorities do not confirm the information that this is the Su-35 fighter.

That the Su-35S fighter had an engine failure (immediately raised doubts) how an incident happened on the territory of Russia nothing is said about doubts And how doubts arise in the territory of China! Always write truthfully people will reach for you,