Russian Su-57 received protection from a nuclear explosion

The Russian fifth generation fighter received protection from a nuclear explosion.

The Russian fifth-generation fighter received protection that no other combat aircraft of this class in the world has anymore - it is capable of operating even in the face of a nuclear explosion. Only strategic bombers have such protection, which allows us to judge that the Russian Su-57 can become a carrier of nuclear weapons in the future.

“The glazing of the newest Russian Su-57 fighter can protect the pilot from the light of a nuclear explosion, as well as electromagnetic, ultraviolet and infrared radiation. The general director of the developer company, ONPP Technologiya, Andrey Silkin, spoke about this. As the head of the company noted, the use of new materials allowed the creators to achieve "invisibility" of the cockpit for radar detection equipment. At the same time, "the impact strength of the glazing has doubled with a twofold decrease in its weight." Silkin clarified that such indicators were achieved through the use of technology for forming aircraft glazing from sheet monolithic polycarbonate, as well as through magnetron deposition of special multifunctional coatings based on gold and indium-tin alloy ", - about it сообщает RIA Novosti news agency.

Experts note that against the background of how Russian designers are responsibly approaching the refinement and modernization of the domestic fifth generation fighter, it is logical to assume that the project is promising for the next 10-15 years, however, this may also mean that serial production will not be deployed on 100% in the coming years.

"The Russian Su-57 is gradually turning into an invincible machine, to which the American F-35 and F-22 still grow and grow, and this is in view of the fact that many secrets of the Russian stealth are still not revealed.", - said the analyst