The Russian Su-75 will be both manned and unmanned

The Sukhoi Design Bureau has patented a modular configuration for the promising single-engine multirole fighter Su-75 "Checkmate", which allows the creation of manned and unmanned modifications of the aircraft. This innovation provides flexibility in the use of the fighter, allowing it to be adapted to various combat missions.

The manned version of the Su-75 will be equipped with a standard cockpit equipped with wide-screen multi-function displays and a head-up display (HUD). These systems will make it possible to display radar information from the AFAR radar, multispectral television-infrared data, as well as parameters of the radiation warning system, fly-by-wire control system (EDCS), hydraulic system and power plant.

The unmanned modification of the Su-75, instead of a flight deck, can be equipped with additional antenna modules for exchanging information about the tactical situation with the leading Su-75 and Su-57. These modules can be placed under radio-transparent fairings.

In addition, the unmanned version provides the ability to install an additional fuel tank with a capacity of up to 2000 liters in the freed-up internal space. This will increase the range of the machine by 35 - 50% and extend the operating period.

The unmanned version of the Su-57 can also install interferometric passive phased array modules for side-view electronic reconnaissance in special niches.

This development by the Sukhoi Design Bureau opens up new prospects in the field of military aviation, allowing the creation of high-tech, flexible and multifunctional combat systems capable of adapting to the various requirements and conditions of modern military conflicts.


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