Battering ram on a tank


Russian T-72 rammed the American military - 8 officers were killed

Eight American soldiers were killed in Ukraine when hit by a tank.

The Russian tank killed 8 American military officers during the joint Ukrainian-American exercises held on the territory of Ukraine. According to preliminary data, the vehicle on which the American officers were moving fell under the T-72 tank, as a result of which everyone inside received very serious injuries - it was not possible to provide emergency assistance to the victims.

“In Kherson, they reported the mysterious death of eight US officers conducting training sessions for Ukrainian militants. Immediately after the dissemination of information, the local police did not remain silent. In particular, the authors of the VESTI Telegram channel reported about the incident that allegedly took place with reference to the local Kherson media. According to the authors, eight American officers were killed on the territory of the Aleshkovsky district military training ground. The police of the Kherson region immediately reacted to this information, saying that it was not true. In a conversation with Constantinople, the military observer of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" Viktor Baranets proposed to "dance" from objectively existing information, which can no longer be hidden. ", - about it сообщает Russian information resource "Tsargrad".

A number of sources report that the vehicle with the American military fell under the Russian T-72, however, this information has not yet been commented on by either the Ukrainian or the American parties, which raises some doubts about its reliability, however, experts believe that, judging by to how long the news about the death of the Americans was commented on, information on this matter may well be reliable.

T-64 was assembled in Kharkov.

And what is the point of strenuously procrastinating "under a Russian tank" ?! How is he Russian if he is in / in Ukraine ?!

In Nizhny Tagil (where the UVZ is located) there is even a T-72 monument.

And where is the production ?! They have remained with them from Soviet times!

In Kharkov, t72 was not made, this is the Chelyabinsk region, but apparently it was produced even under the USSR, not everyone was still de-communized.

This tank is not Russian, but Ukrainian. Made in the USSR!

Maybe it's already a war, but we don't know?

How did the Russian tank end up near Kherson?

Do not lie. KhTZ did not produce the T-72.

In Kharkov, T-72s have never been made. They have always been produced at Uralvagonzavod.

Probably Kharkiv entered Russia

The crew has nothing to do with it. The Soviet tank itself knows what to do.

Why is the T72 named Russian? What is produced in the Russian Federation?

They will announce it now. Putin's personal tank has slyly attacked the American defenders of democracy! And you are the Nobel Prize!

Soviet tank. Steel has a memory, when you bend it comes back,
tank steel too, she remembers who the enemy is.

Remake of the T-34 movie.

And, the Russian is not capable of such a thing, do the tracks break loosely at once?

Strong armor and our tanks are fast ...

Is the tank exactly RUSSIAN? In Kharkov (or is it not Ukraine anymore?), They also made tanks, and the CREW, where he studied.

They knew how to make tanks in Soviet times.

Again we are to blame. The tank was released in Chelyabinsk. We programmed the hardware.

UKRAINIAN !!!!!! the T-72 tank produced by the Kharkov (UKRAINE) Tank Plant and operated by the UKRAINIAN servicemen tankers near Kherson (UKRAINE) crushed 8 US Army personnel. Well, something like that should have been written.

Crimea was taken, and now we take Kherson? Something for a long time ... We must quickly go to Paris ...

No, it's not true, it was not a Russian tank, but a Russian submarine that surfaced in the steppe near Kherson. And not 8 officers, but a whole regiment of special forces.

As NATO teaches and go. What are the claims against Russia?

As a tank is supposed to do, it destroyed enemy troops)

Russian electronic warfare (Russian hackers) took over control of the tank)))

Instructors. They taught how to push, but forgot to change the likely enemy in the instructions.

Let them write more Ukro-Smi that the soldiers of Wagner PMC were sitting at the control of the tank

This is the usa today header. Russian tank in Ukraine crushed 8 American democracy instructors. "How so ...?" Is not the question the Americans are asking .... The main thing here is "Russian tank" and "American instructors". To say "Ukrainian tank" is not politically correct.

The crew is also Russian, if not, why write that the tank is ours

Sit at home, on your continent, you will be more whole. And so, what can I say, SHARE!

And where are the sanctions against Russia.

Soviet tank
Or a Soviet-made tank

Well, certainly not Russian

if true, that's good news ...

And what did the Russian tank do during the Ukrainian-American exercises? ..)))

- it speaks about the professionalism of the conducted exercises of the host side.

this is a Soviet tank and not a Russian one. This is not a T-72b3. These are old T-72s made during the Soviet era. Well, maybe modified.

What a brad! What was the Russian tank doing on the territory of the Kherson region of Ukraine during the US-Ukrainian exercises? Did you come to ask for salt from the neighbors?