Russian T-72 successfully survived a direct hit by the American "Javelin"

The Javelin missile fired at the Russian tank did not cause any damage to the armored vehicles.

An unmanned aerial vehicle filmed an unsuccessful attack by the Ukrainian military against a Russian T-72 tank. Despite the exact hit of an anti-tank missile between the hull and the turret, fired from the American Javelin ATGM, no damage was caused to the heavy armored fighting vehicle.

On the presented video frames, you can see how a group of two Russian T-72 tanks is moving along a country road and is suddenly attacked from two directions at once. As a result of an accurate hit from the main gun of the tank, the Ukrainian military in the field were destroyed, but the tank itself unexpectedly became a target for the American Javelin ATGM. Despite the fact that the missile accurately hit the tank, no damage was done to the heavy armored vehicles.

With further movement, the tank stalled, however, within just a few minutes it was again ready for its combat use, which was captured on the corresponding video frames taken from the drone.

The fact that a direct hit from the Javelin ATGM did not cause damage to the tank indicates that Russian heavy armored vehicles are much better protected than they imagined in Ukraine and the United States.