Russian T-80 was able to penetrate the armor of American Abrams and Israeli Merkavs almost through and through

The modernized Soviet jet tank turned out to be a weapon of extermination for the American Abrams and Israeli Merkavs.

The T-80BVM Soviet jet tank, modernized by the Russian military, which had already begun to enter service with the Russian army, turned out to be a ground "fighter" among tanks, in particular, this combat vehicle, despite its appearance back in the Soviet period, turned out to be so unique that it was capable of to punch through holes in the armor of American heavy tanks "Abrams" and Israeli "Merkav".

“The T-80 is called a jet tank because it uses not a diesel, but a gas turbine engine (GTE) as a power plant. In May, three American destroyers and one British frigate, supported by anti-submarine and reconnaissance aircraft, conducted a week-long exercise in the Barents Sea. The European Command of the US Navy formulated the purpose of this event as follows: "to uphold freedom of navigation and demonstrate cohesion among allies." The wording is rather menacing, the United States defends freedom of navigation, for example, in the zone of China's economic interests. Therefore, there is nothing surprising in the fact that all 62 "jet tanks" will arrive and have already begun to arrive in portions to the Northern Fleet. But they are not going to stop there. There is information that the T-80BVM under new contracts will also be delivered to the Far East and the western borders of Russia "- сообщает Free Press.

To date, the Russian army has about 3500 T-80 tanks of various modifications, however, the latest version of this combat vehicle turned out to be a truly successful option for combating armored vehicles of almost any enemy, since the tank was modernized specifically to withstand modern enemy tanks. and therefore the Russian jet tank may be an interesting vehicle for the main Russian military partners.

What does reactive mean ?! Gas turbine is not jet!

The author is a ram, no specifics and one water. Of course, it is capable of punching if a lupanet is in the board)) T-72, T-90 and TD are also capable of doing this, and I think the T-34 will also make a hole in the board.)

An idiotic note, the new modernized T-80 tank arrives at the Northern Fleet for one reason - the gas turbine engine is easy to start in low temperatures, and its weapon is the same as on the T-72 (in terms of the effect on the armor of potential enemies)

Something I have not read anywhere that the Russian so pierced the armor of Ambrams and Merkava? Could this be media fiction?

When, I wonder, will we start modernizing the T-34 photon tank?

An almost clever note.