Russian tank shot at point-blank range destroyed a Ukrainian tank

A Russian tank from an ambush destroyed a Ukrainian combat vehicle with a direct hit from 20 meters.

An attempt by a Ukrainian tank to break through the line of defense ended with its destruction by a Russian heavy combat vehicle almost point-blank. This happened while a Ukrainian tank was moving along a country road. At the same time, the Russian tank was in cover and, quickly orienting itself, attacked the Ukrainian tank with a shot almost point-blank.

On video footage taken from an unmanned aerial vehicle, you can see how the crew of a Russian tank, having taken a position at a crossroads, notices a Ukrainian tank rushing at top speed, and as soon as the latter approaches the very crossroads, opens fire on it from the main caliber. The force of the projectile hitting the Ukrainian tank was so great that the latter was almost thrown out of the way.

Judging by the video footage, the Ukrainian tank received critical damage, however, at least one member of the crew managed to survive a direct hit from such close range.

It should be noted. that the damage to the Ukrainian tank turned out to be so serious that its armor literally broke through.


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