Russian Tu-160 left American F-35 at supersonic speed

The crew of the Russian Tu-160 rushed at supersonic speed past the American F-35.

Another attempt by the U.S. Air Force to approach Tu-160 ended in a serious problem for the U.S. - it was not possible to intercept the Russian strategic bomber, since the bomber’s crew, when approaching American fighters, accelerated the aircraft to supersonic speed, leaving the latter out of work.

“The Russian Air Force Tu-160 was subjected to a regular training flight in the international airspace of the Sea of ​​Japan, where it was under the supervision of two American F-35A fighters. Unexpected things happened when two F-35A fighters tried to approach the Tu-160 bomber left and right - the Tu-160 bomber suddenly began to accelerate and switched to supersonic speed mode. Two F-35A fighters accompanying the aircraft were hit, and therefore did not have time to react. A strategic bomber weighing 110 tons easily bypassed the 13-ton fighter in an instant, and this is not a joke. ”, - the publication "Sina" informs.

So far, no official comments have been made by representatives of the Russian Defense Ministry on this subject.