UAV Strike Hunter


Russian heavy drone S-70 "Okhotnik" with the most accurate blow of a 500-kilogram bomb destroyed the first target

Russian attack UAV "Okhotnik" destroyed its first target.

Russian heavy attack unmanned aerial vehicle "Hunter" was first used for striking. A 500-kilogram high-explosive aerial bomb was used as a weapon, which hit right on target and literally swept it away, leaving the enemy no chance.

In the reportage of the TV program "Vesti Nedeli" you can see the moment of the strike by the Russian heavy attack drone S-70 "Okhotnik". The 500-kilogram bomb located in the inner fuselage compartment provided the drone with the opportunity to invisibly enter the strike zone, after which the bomb hit the target precisely, hitting it right in its center.

Judging by the presented video frames, tests of the newest Russian drone S-70 "Okhotnik" took place several weeks ago. At the same time, apparently, in addition to bomb armament, missile armament tests were carried out, although no data is mentioned about these tests.

Given the successful testing of the latest domestic heavy attack drone, the latter is likely to start arriving in the troops in the near future.

Su-57, not counting 10 prototypes, was serially delivered to the troops, only one. One more promise before the end of the year))

The article is beautiful, but when the authors will indicate the dates of what is happening in their articles, without dates, it looks like "OBS".

I know what they supply. Piece by piece. Judging by the equipment in the shop, this hunter will also be supplied piece by piece.

The ammunition located inside the fuselage (not on the suspension) reduces the likelihood of detection ... This is about ...

At BayrakTractor, the Turkish navel will untie such an ammunition to raise! ByroTractor itself weighs like this bomb. Although this hour one knowledgeable market player will draw and tell us everything on the topic! Rufo, crawl out from under the counter, waiting for your tech. analysis, well, and the catchphrase: scrap metal - as you know, without it you have no place!

It was the internal suspension of this very bonba that was meant, which is, yes, not every drone has. Well, whoever wanted to, he understood.

T14 has been supplied to the army since August this year. Su57 from December 2020

I believe, I believe ... they will act in the troops in the same way as su57 and t14.

It turns out that in order to ensure invisibility, you just need to load up with a 500-kilogram bomb:
"The 500-kilogram bomb located in the fuselage compartment provided the drone with the ability to invisibly enter the strike zone ..."