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Russian heavy UAV "Okhotnik" prepared for testing in Syria

Russian attack drone "Okhotnik" was ready for testing in Syria.

After the Russian heavy attack unmanned aerial vehicle S-70 "Okhotnik" successfully hit its targets at the Ashuluk training ground, it became known that the newest domestic drone is fully ready for testing in Syria - Idlib will become a real military test for the Russian drone. where he will have to hit the enemy's targets, which does not exclude the possibility of sending a Russian drone to the Arab Republic by the middle of this year.

Today it is known that the newest Russian strike UAV "Okhotnik" can accurately hit ground targets with its weapons. Tests of a drone in Syria as an interceptor are inappropriate, however, the elimination of militants may well become a real test for a Russian drone in full-fledged combat conditions.

There are no official statements regarding whether the Russian "Okhotnik" will be tested in Syria, however, today almost all Russian promising weapons are being tested on the territory of the Arab Republic, including the Russian fifth generation Su-57 fighters, the T- 14 "Armata", etc.