Russian heavy attack UAV "Okhotnik" was first tested with air-to-air missiles

For the first time, the Russian military tested a heavy rocket-armed Hunter UAV.

The newest domestic unmanned aerial vehicle of the S-70 "Okhotnik" strike type was first tested with missile weapons designed to intercept aerodynamic targets. This fact means that the drone should have already successfully “bombed” ground targets, however, much more important is the possibility of using it against enemy aircraft.

“From the strip of the military airfield of the Center for Combat Training and Combat Use of the Russian Aerospace Forces at the Ashuluk training ground, several flights of the Hunter were performed with functional simulators of guided air-to-air missiles. Such missiles in the combat version are designed to destroy other aircraft ", - said the information source of the TASS news agency.

Apparently, the next stage of testing should be the destruction of air targets using air-to-air missiles, however, according to some assumptions, such tests are scheduled only for the spring of next year.

Earlier, there was evidence that the Russian UAV "Okhotnik" could be tested in Syria, but, apparently, the information turned out to be untrue.