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Russian heavy military transport aircraft PAK TA will plug even the Ukrainian An-225 Mriya into the belt

The newest Russian military transport aircraft can plug even the Ukrainian An-225 in the belt.

The development of the newest Russian military transport aviation aircraft, and we are talking about the PAK TA project (Prospective aviation complex of transport aviation - ed.), Is overgrown with more and more details. So, according to Russian media reports, the aircraft will be created on the basis of the current requirements and shortcomings of supermassive aviation, and, therefore, the PAK TA project will be better not only the An-124 aircraft, but also probably better than even the largest transport aircraft in the world - AN-225 "Mriya" ("Dream").

“Russia has already begun active work on the design and development of the newest transport aircraft, which should surprise with its characteristics and capabilities. The aviation complex will be created according to a special “flying wing” scheme, due to which it will be possible to introduce stealth technologies that will increase the stealth of the aircraft. In addition, the PAK TA will be able to outshine all transport aircraft in the world with its range and flight characteristics. According to the project, it is planned to equip the transport carrier with the latest engines, which will allow transporting military cargo over a long distance. Special combat systems and on-board equipment will help pilots carry out combat operations "under the nose" of the enemy's air defense, and active defense systems will repel the attack of enemy aircraft fighters ", - about it сообщает edition "Federal News Agency".

Considering the above data, it should be noted that today there is nothing of the kind in the world, while, apparently, the aircraft will be mass-produced and Russian partners may show great interest in it, including China, India and a number of other countries that are actively using the advantages of heavy transport aviation for the transportation of various kinds of oversized cargo.

Do not make me laugh. Everything has already been stolen

this is why the An-225 became Ukrainian? This is the Soviet USSR, many research institutes of the Union worked on its development. Only one aircraft was built, which is now used by Antonov Airlines

Not Ukrainian AN 225, Soviet!