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Russian attack UAV "Okhotnik" armed with nuclear bombs

Russian heavy drone "Okhotnik" will be a carrier of nuclear weapons.

The newest Russian heavy attack drone "Okhotnik" will receive a nuclear bomb, which in its essence is an analogue of the American B-61 nuclear bomb. This will allow a group of several Su-57 fighters and drones to break through the enemy's air defense areas and deliver a powerful blow to the enemy forces.

Information about the possible armament of the heavy drone "Hunter" with nuclear weapons appeared not only in the Russian media, but also in foreign publications, and the capabilities of the drone will be quite enough to successfully use such weapons. Nevertheless, experts express a number of clarifications - the most likely will be to arm the drone not with a bomb, but with a patrolling ammunition with a nuclear charge or a cruise missile with a nuclear charge. This will significantly increase the success of using such weapons against the enemy.

“The use of a nuclear gravity bomb is an advantage if the enemy does not have one. Russia has nuclear gravity bombs. Russian experts argue that the Okhotnik attack drone is one that can be armed with an analogue of the American B-61 Mod 12 nuclear bomb, as it is designed for massive airstrikes. Until now, however, there is no officially confirmed information from Russian sources that the Okhotnik was tested with a nuclear gravity bomb. ", - according to the publication "Bulgarian Military"

Earlier in the United States, it was announced that the F-35 fighters are superior to the Russian Su-57 in that they are capable of carrying nuclear weapons, however, if the Su-57 officially does not have nuclear weapons in its armament, then the carrier of such may well become an "auxiliary" shock drone "Hunter".

War with Finland in 1939, no?

If a nuclear war starts, then the electronic warfare systems and electromagnetic missiles will be used to cut off all the enemy's electricity and then
nuclear hypersonic missiles to destroy enemy missile defense and then yars so that no one interferes with them, and this is in the event that the Kremlin decides to strike first, but as history shows to this day, the Kremlin did not attack any first