UAV Hunter


The Russian shock drone C-70 "Hunter" was completely different than it was represented

The real dimensions of the newest Russian drone drone have become known.

Until recently, the Hunter C-70 unmanned strike aircraft was considered to have relatively compact dimensions, however, as it turned out, the size of the drone did not differ much from modern Russian fighters.

In the presented satellite image taken at the air base in Akhtubinsk, you can see. that in terms of length, the C-70 “Hunter” drone is slightly smaller than the Su-30, Su-57 and Su-35 fighters, but the wingspan of the drone is much larger than that of the Russian Federation Fighter.

Moreover, until recently it was thought that the drone would carry a relatively small rocket-bomb load, then it turned out that the drone’s arsenal of weapons is quite large - it is also represented in the satellite image.

On the other hand, experts note that the Hunter C-70 unmanned aerial vehicle has not yet made its first flight, which raises concerns about the readiness of this drone to be adopted, at least until the end of this year.

The most important thing is the management of this "good bird" and the most important thing, not through satellites and other nonsense, but better!

How will it be?
GLONASS works through the stump-deck and only in the northern hemisphere! And for example, Zhirik wants to wash his boots in the Indian Ocean, but today it’s difficult to do without a drone