Russian helicopter Ka-52 withstood two hits by APU missiles and shot down three more missiles

The crew of the Russian Ka-52 helicopter repulsed one of the largest attacks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine against one combat vehicle.

This happened when the Ukrainian military tried to shoot down a Russian Ka-52 combat helicopter. As it became known, at least 5 anti-aircraft guided missiles were fired at the combat rotorcraft, three of which were successfully eliminated by the Vitebsk airborne defense systems, while two more hit the helicopter, but could not cause critical damage to the latter, - the crew of the combat vehicle successfully landed it and was not injured. Information on this subject is provided by Russian journalist Andrei Medvedev.

“Our helicopter was made 5 launches. Five starts. Three repelled the Vitebsk system and heat traps. After the first hit, the helicopter continued to leave the area and only after the second hit was forced to land. That is, the Ka-52 is an ingeniously tenacious machine.- said Russian journalist Andrei Medvedev.

In fact, this is the largest known attack against combat helicopters, and the fact that the Russian Ka-52 was able to successfully repel it and survive the hit of two anti-aircraft missiles at once indicates that these combat vehicles are excellent for conducting even very serious fights.


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