A Russian helicopter carried out an attack with shelling of the Kurds, who tried to attack the Russian military patrol. Video

The Kurds who tried to attack the Russian patrol fell under the distribution of the Russian helicopter.

Another attempt by the Syrian Kurds to attack a Russian military patrol in northern Syria turned out to be very tragic for the latter, because instead of throwing stones and Molotov cocktails at vehicles, the latter were directly on the flight path of the Russian Mi-35M attack helicopter.

As follows from the data provided by the sources, the Russian attack helicopter, nicknamed the “super crocodile” not only did not allow the vehicles of the Russian and Turkish military to attack, but also turned part of the Kurds preparing the attack into flight, and, obviously, was ready to open fire in case of attempts to attack Russian military.

It should be clarified that in one of the latest attacks, the Kurds nearly burned the Turkish armored personnel carriers and, according to a number of sources, also damaged the Russian vehicle.

It is known that the attack on the Russian military patrol was planned to be carried out in the area of ​​the Syrian city of Kobani, while none of the Kurds were injured, and attempts to damage Russian and Turkish vehicles were unsuccessful.

And what is “very tragic” if the helicopter didn’t even shoot, but was only ready to open fire? The Kurds have never seen flying birds, and out of fear managed? So even in this case it’s not tragic, but ridiculous ...

I agree. When you write, you need to be more attentive to the semantic content of your writings. And here it turns out that the attempt by the Kurds was tragic for the Russian military patrol :)

totally agree with you

The Kurds also occupied these lands)

training day.

So the point is that it’s just children and teenagers who left stones from which there was no harm to armored personnel carriers and other cars, but were preparing an attack, like not so long ago with Molotov cocktails, makeshift “lighters” that caused real damage, but when they saw the helicopter they choked on there did not dare. Therefore, shooting was carried out 100 percent.
But the essence is this, if it weren’t for the Russians, the Turks would have banged them a long time without dismantling the children, teenagers ... nevermind they would have started a new war, already with the Kurds, and ISIS (it’s forbidden in the Russian Federation as terrorist organization) only this is necessary !!! Yes, and the Yankee Pindos, too, would have been happy from the heart !!!

Repeatedly there were reports that it was TAM in our military police that the Ingush serve.

The beast bl..b. welcome .. if only a couple for science. Today they throw stones, and tomorrow they will throw grenades.

The American column was also stoned. And you can understand them, in general. For locals, that Americans, that Turks, that Russians - occupiers, dividing Syrian territories, resources and power.

Author, why are you breaching like a dog? What was the attack there, are you Russophobic rubbish?

"Another attempt by the Syrian Kurds to attack the Russian military patrol in northern Syria was very tragic for the latter" - the author himself realized that he wrote? what you wrote means tragic for the Russians.

I doubt your statement.

Where did he attack? Just fired flares. They would have left no ears.

Let the Turks fight with them! There is nothing Russian to do there ... Or Syria is rebuilding its borders with border guards! Not letting the Turks ....

I didn’t understand something, who scared the helicopter out there ??? As the stones were thrown over the column, they continued to toss, feeling absolute impunity. Or maybe it's time to give the teeth already ???

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In inexplicable languages, in particular in Georgian, a thief sounds like a Kurd

flew over them, they freely left .. so what? author, cotton whistle

Russians should be vigilant. Kurds can not be trusted, they are corrupt to the limit. During the massacre in Turkey in 1914, they were the hands of genocide, slaughtered Christians, raped women and children. Now they are oppressing the Christians of the Assyrians and are substituting Muslim igilov ambushes.