A Russian helicopter destroyed a Ukrainian tank with a Vikhr missile

A Ukrainian tank was destroyed by a precise strike by a Russian Ka-52.

During the fighting on one of the directions of the front, a Russian Ka-52 attack and reconnaissance helicopter destroyed a Ukrainian tank with an accurate hit, which carelessly left for an open area. Due to the great distance of the Russian helicopter, the Ukrainian tankers realized that a missile was flying in their direction only when they saw it approaching - they could not do anything against it, for obvious reasons.

On the presented video frames, which were at the disposal of journalists, you can see the moment when a Ukrainian tank was hit by a Russian Ka-52 attack and reconnaissance helicopter.

For the strike, the Whirlwind anti-tank missile was used, which successfully hit a Ukrainian tank from a distance of several kilometers. The flight of the missile was completely controlled by Russian pilots, and even if the crew of the tank tried to get away from the missile, it would almost certainly be corrected for the flight course of the latter - it would not be possible to deceive the Russian missile in any way in open areas.

It should be noted that Russian Ka-52 helicopters have successfully proven themselves in terms of means of combating armored vehicles - they have already destroyed hundreds of armored combat vehicles and tanks.


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