Russian helicopter successfully dealt with Ukrainian kamikaze drone

Video footage has been published showing the actions of the crew of a Russian Mi-8 helicopter “hunting” naval drones of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The footage shows a helicopter trying to shoot down one of the Ukrainian army's naval drones using missiles and small arms.

This incident is related to previous attempts by the Ukrainian Armed Forces to attack Russian targets in the Black Sea using naval drones. The Ukrainian military sought to take advantage of the opportunities presented by the damage to the boom net barriers after the storm in Crimea, but the drone was promptly identified and destroyed at sea.

In the footage you can see that the helicopter is staying at a distance. This is due to the fact that such marine drones can carry a huge explosive charge, the detonation of which can cause damage to the rotorcraft itself.

According to a number of experts, attacks of this kind are usually coordinated by American UAVs.


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