Russian military journalists in Karabakh accused of attacking an Azerbaijani soldier, beating him and probable death

Russian military journalists were accused of attacking the Azerbaijani military.

A video has appeared on the Web where you can see how Russian military journalist Alexander Kharchenko (ANNA News information agency) provides assistance to a wounded Azerbaijani serviceman. The Azerbaijani soldier who received a bullet wound in the leg does not have any more visible injuries and wounds on his body, however, after filming another episode, you can see that the man was beaten until he lost consciousness - Kharchenko at this moment is trying to bring the Azerbaijani soldier to his senses.

In the first part of the video, the wounded Azerbaijani is informed that he is being taken to the hospital, however, later it becomes known about that. that there is nothing to do with this, since in his condition he is in the same military vehicle with the Armenian servicemen who continued beating and insulting him.

Against the background of the publication of this video on the Web, they began to actively accuse Russian military journalists, if they were not involved in the beating of an Azerbaijani serviceman, then at least in concealing this fact, which led to a scandal against the journalist.

The editorial staff of the news agency has not yet received any details on this matter.