Russian warship famously entered Ukrainian waters, frightening the Ukrainian fleet with its appearance

The Russian warship approached the shores of Ukraine at a distance of only 3,5 kilometers.

The Russian warship was able to quietly approach the shores of Ukraine, in fact, having entered the territorial waters of this country - the distance to the coast was only 3,5 kilometers. The appearance of the Russian warship came as a huge surprise for the Ukrainian fleet, especially after the commander of the ship issued a warning about the consequences of an attempt by Ukrainian warships to approach the Russian vessel.

“A Russian border ship approached the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov in Berdyansk at a distance of less than 2 miles. Boris Babiy, the former permanent representative of the President of Ukraine in Crimea, announced this on his Facebook page. According to him, the ship was noticed by the Ukrainian naval guard vessel "Donbass", the "Russian" was ordered to move away. An answer was received to this with reference to the agreement on the Sea of ​​Azov, they say, this is "an internal sea of ​​two states", "Ukrainian acts mean nothing to him" and he "maneuvers according to plan". “In addition, the Russian demanded from our border guards not to approach him closer than 20 cables. Which was done. The supply of mines, the landing of saboteurs. The interests of fishermen under such conditions will continue to be carried out by the Russians throughout the water area of ​​Azov formally "controlled" by us. From Mariupol to Shooting ", - he wrote", - about it сообщает InfoResist Edition.

The Russian side has not yet commented on such information, however, experts put them in very great doubt, believing that it is an attempt to arrange another provocation against Russia.

It is not known what exactly a Russian warship could have done in the territorial waters of Ukraine, however, it is obvious that such daring Russian naval sailors simply stunned the Ukrainian military, since the latter did not even dare to do anything.