Russian warship approached the coast of Great Britain unnoticed

The Russian warship came so close to the borders of Great Britain that local residents saw it.

A few hours ago, a Russian warship, still of an undetermined type, came so close to the UK coast that even the locals could see it. Judging by the photographs presented, we are talking about a reconnaissance warship. The vessel, apparently, managed to come extremely close to the coast of Great Britain from the Strait of Dover.

As follows from the data provided by local residents, the Russian warship was not accompanied by ships of the British Navy, although often the appearance of Russian warships in the area leads to the fact that they are escorted by 2-3 ships of the British fleet. At the moment, it has not been possible to establish which particular ship we are talking about, however, a Russian military vessel of this type has powerful means of electronic intelligence and electronic warfare, capable of, among other things, suppressing radar equipment, cruise missiles and even spacecraft.

There are a number of assumptions that a Russian warship could sneak up to the coast of Great Britain unnoticed precisely through the use of its electronic countermeasures, but there are no details on this.

Judging by the information that appeared on the Web, after the Russian warship was discovered, a British Navy patrol ship was still sent for it, however, by this time, the Russian ship had already completed its transit through the Strait of Dover.

At least boats are more difficult to detect than any f-35s and flying pasties. She surfaced, shot back and it’s all the same what will happen to the boat.

And who made you believe that submarines are invulnerable?

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Tremble Britain. It's only the beginning.

Yeah, but they determined that the ship was Russian, from a photograph.

Who made you believe that all submarines can be traced?

nothing surprising. England degraded as a sea power to zero. They sleep sweetly from their own "significance".

So was it a boat or a ship?

Just think with your head, how can a surface ship go unnoticed in today's world? Submarines - the boats are all tracked.

Looks like the ship "Vasily Tatishchev"