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Russian warship helped Iran shoot down American missiles

It became known about the presence of a Russian warship near the borders of Iran during a missile strike.

During a missile strike by Iran on US positions in neighboring Iraq, a Russian warship was spotted off the coast of the Islamic Republic. A military ship was supposed to provide information to Iranian air defense systems in the event of launching missiles towards Iran or when fighter and bombers approached from the Diego Garcia air base, where the American B-52H strategic bombers were already located.

We are talking about a reconnaissance ship of project 18280, which is equipped with modern means of electronic and radio reconnaissance, air defense controls, etc. Due to the fact that the reconnaissance ship is not designed to repel attacks, experts believe that all information was transmitted to Iranian command posts, allowing thereby, the latter to detect in advance the approach of enemy aircraft, which increased the effectiveness of air defense systems by several hundred kilometers. However, there were no retaliatory strikes from the United States.

It should be clarified that there are no official comments regarding the appearance of a Russian reconnaissance ship several tens of kilometers from the southern borders of Iran, however, given the fact that the Islamic Republic is a strategic ally of Russia, such assumptions are quite likely.

Impudent lies, from a series, it is very possible)))

To help those in need is sacred.
To populate with military bases the states that were not INVITED, is not meanness, just the seizure of the territory of the state

It's time to introduce military censorship on messages from
hot spots. Many media correspondents work
against Russia or often suck information from
fingers and on this basis are dangerous nonsense, like
that the scout helped bring down the American

I tell you so, the authors certainly don’t know what they are writing about, found and reposted the Old, but I know more, and so, not long before the Iranian strike, Russian warships conducted exercises with the Indian Navy, and just arrived to the shores of Iran for joint exercises, well, it’s clear that this was a defensive move, ours insured.

(A Russian warship helped Iran shoot down American missiles) The author helped to shoot down (not a word about this in the article), or to direct?

Bent that sigh, nor gasp! Brains do not leak?

only kakly or Pindos, most likely kakly could come up with this!